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Google uses solar-powered balloons to deliver internet access to remote regions of the world. Facebook envisions a fleet of solar-powered drones as well as low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites delivering internet access to different regions of the world . Microsoft is building data centers at the bottom of the ocean. Moon express is attempting to build machine-operated spacecraft to extract minerals from other planets. SpaceX creates the technologies to reduce space transportation costs and enable the colonization of Mars.

The world is getting digitalised and lots of Internet of things are happening around. The communication networks are getting smarter day by day. But what correlation does this have with the world’s largest trading partner community ?Every two minutes, a business joins the SAP Ariba Network with whom you could connect and collaborate through a single platform in the cloud to lower costs or risks, boost revenue, or manage cash and working capital.

Yes it’s a matter of network effect which transacts with so many buyers and sellers on the Network, and you have more competitive business commerce opportunities here than anyplace else .They exchange millons of documents of invoices, purchase orders, goods receipt across multi-industry background. Who knows , some days SAP Ariba network in the planet earth will communicate with similar network in some other planet.

Organizations are looking to move away from traditional paper invoices ,improving business commerce. Electronic networks eliminate papers while some have tried scanning the work flow and others have tried optical character recognition (OCR) Systems. For top performers,these smart electronic networks broaden the scope to improve invoice processing efficiency, ensure compliance with contracts and preferred suppliers, helping their clients to go paper free ,eco-friendly and manage cash better.

And in this blog, we shall discuss more about this OCR solution and how it can help us to adhere to smart e-commerce solutions. But what made me to research more on this solution was the series of discussions that I encountered in design thinking process of SAP start-ups based in Chennai a year back and a recent one with couple of my friends in the US.

What is this OCR ?

Optical Character Recognition( OCR) , is a electronic technology that allows you to convert the images into text in any formats like AS2, HTML, CXML, EMAIL, PDF, EDI that the trading partner prefers .It is widely used as a form of data entry for suitable documentation. It is a common method of digitising printed texts and can be used in machine processing.

Their workflow includes

Why we need OCR solutions

How to integrate these OCR solutions to SAP ARIBA network ?

Do you have any plans of moving to the Ariba network and do you scan your documents continously , then you are aware of the several advantages of digitally receiving those documents and probably thinking how this can be integrated into the Ariba cloud. There are couple of integration techniques by which these OCR solutions can be integrated with the SAP Ariba network.The only difference between the different types are the invoice formats .

SAP NetWeaver PI in combination with the Ariba PI adapter (available from SP2)

Ariba delivers an adapter based on the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) to integrate Ariba within the SAP Business Suite. The adapter supports various integration scenarios.If the PI adapter is used, then invoices are sent as an IDoc (INVOICE02).

Ariba Network Integration for SAP Business Suite Add-On (available from VIM 7.0 SP3)

SAP delivers the new add-on “Ariba Network Integration for SAP Business Suite” to integrate Ariba with different scenarios in the SAP Business Suite.If the Add-On is used, the invoice can be sent in cXML, mediated via PI or other middleware.